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MTO BLOCKBUSTER TEA: Top NBA Player . . . Had RELATIONS With His Teammate's GIRLFRIEND . . . And That May End Up SPLITTING UP THE TEAM!!!

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    Original: got this tea two weeks ago. It's very interesting.

Obviously, we're removing names, cause we don't WANT THAT SMOKE:

Hey MTO I have some tea that I know you guys will be interested in-

I'm good friends with a girl who is sleeping with [TOP NBA PLAYER] and [TOP NBA PLAYER'S TEAMMATE]. She's not a hoe or a "THOT" she's just a regular college girl, that's caught in the middle.

We both go to [REDACTED] College and she's my sorority sister, so I know her very well. Please do not call her a thot in your article if you post this.

Her name is [THOT GIRL], she's been seeing [TOP NBA PLAYER'S TEAMMATE] for a few months, off and on. They met on Snapchat and hooked up a couple of times. [TOP NBA PLAYER'S TEAMMATE] is a real weirdo. After only a few weeks, he starts telling [THOT GIRL] that he wants her to meet his parents, and all kinds of things. He had no idea that she was just having fun.

Fast forward to last week. We were in Miami and she met [TOP NBA PLAYER]. She ended up hooking up with him just for the night. It was a no-strings-attached f*ck.

So here's the tea. [TOP NBA PLAYER'S TEAMMATE] found out about [THOT GIRL] hooking up with [TOP NBA PLAYER]. He left her a bunch of angry texts and told her that "She's the one who 'Broke Up The Team'"

I think he's going to try and get traded.

In case you are wondering, THOT GIRL is a 20-year-old college student - and she's a BLONDE!!!