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MTO BLOCKBUSTER DEAL . . . The Numbers Are In . . . And YOU WON'T BELIEVE How Much Mayweather MADE FOR LAST NIGHT'S FIGHT!!! (He May Now . . . Be a BILLIONAIRE)

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    Original: just got wind of some AMAZING news. Floyd 'Money' Mayweather appears to have made MUCH more than $100M for last night's fight.

According to our INTERNAL SNITCHES, the fight drew in approximately 5 MILLION pay per view buys - that's about $500M. And we're told that according to Mayweather's deal, he's entitled to approximately $200M of that money.

That's in ADDITION to the $100M that he's already been PROMISED by the purse. So all in, Floyd "Money" Mayweather is scheduled to make $300M from this fight - plus endorsements.