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MTO ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES EXCLUSIVE: Guess Which Woman . . . Is Pregnant With NBA Player's . . . BABY!!! (Real SINGLE Mama Of Atlanta??)

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    Original: just got our hands on some REAL HOT TEA. Guess which Housewife is PREGNANT.

No not Kenya . . . No not Eva . . . Nor CANDY.

According to our TOP SNITCH – the pregnant “housewife” is PORSHA. We’re told that she’s been seeing a player on the CHARLOTTE HORNETS – and got knocked up.

Oh, and we have some RECEIPTS too. Look at this pic – she’s already starting to show. And she’s wearing her mans “promise” ring.

Her pregnancy will likely draw ire from castmate Kenya Moore who is married but has been desperate to have a baby for years. Kenya and Porsha already do not get along and throw shade at one another whenever possible, but this will likely be the final nail in the coffin for their "friendship."

“Every time I’m around my niece, she gives me baby fever. But that’s the thing about baby fever. You have it, and then you get well again,” she told PEOPLE. “I’m okay right now. I’m not going to have a baby until I’ve found that right guy. And I’m sure once I find him, that’ll be one of the first things we do... For me, I’ve thought of a lot of creative ways I can make that happen without a man. Once I realized it doesn’t have to be one way, then it gave me a little more time... So I’m not obsessing over it anymore.”

If you remember last season, Porsha was dating her ex Todd and had drafted a "baby-nup" for him to sign, should they have a baby. Porsha has been more focused on getting pregnant than actually having and keeping a man, and her wishes have come true.

Plus, he's a ballplayer so the child support payments should be plentiful!

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