MTO ADVICE: My Wife Named Our SON . . . After Her Her FIRST LOVE . . . And I Had NO IDEA!!

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Every now and then, a reader send us a question asking for advice. Yesterday we received the below email. We're certainly not experts, but we offered a response.

Dear MTO,I have a problem. My son is 5. About 2 days ago we were out shopping and ran into a high school friend of hers. She was catching up when she told her friend that we had a son. When the old friend asked his name my wife hesitated and I told her.She had a strange look on her face then said you mean like your ex boyfriend. Our sons name is very unique to the point that I've never met another person with the same name. Now she refuses to talk to me about it. I feel betrayed and disgusted with her. It's like a switch was flipped my mind andI just can't look at her the same way.

Our response:

You certainly do have a problem. First things first, you need to get a DNA test. Don't make a big deal out of it, or tell your wife, just get one of the online kits - and secretly test your son to make sure he's your biologically.

Assuming your son is biologically yours, it's probably no big deal. Your wife may have simply liked the name, or admired some of her exes characteristics.

But she definitely owes you at least one conversation about it.