MSNBC Undergoes A 'BLACK PURGE' The Network FIRES Joy Reid . . . Demotes Al Roker And Tamron Hall . . . Replace With FOX NEWS 'ALTERNATE FACTS' Reporters!!!


There's a seismic SHIFT in MSNBC - it can no longer be seen as the trusted source of news for African-American folk anymore.

The top brass at the network have either FIRED or DEMOTED all the top African-American news anchors - and replaced them with FOX News "ALTERNATIVE FACTS" Republican reporters.

Last week, the network announced that it was ending Tamron and Al's highly rated Today Show extension - and replacing it with Megyn Kelly - from FOX News. Megyn has been known for using "Alternative Facts" in her reporting, especially with regards to African Americans and Latinos.

Now Page Six claims that they are firing Joy Reid, to make room for new correspondent Greta Van Susteren - another Fox News "alternative facts" Republican reporter.

Here's what Page Six had to say:

We hear MSNBC anchor Joy Reid may be on the chopping block. “They haven’t renewed her contract. She’s been working without a contract for at least a month,” an insider told us. An MSNBC spokesperson, however, insisted that Reid “is working under contract. And the network wants her to stay.”