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The MOTHER From The Show BLACK-ISH . . . Claims That She Was Conned Out Of $50K . . . By A MUSCLE BOUND . . . Much Younger . . . WHITE MAN!! (Was She CONNED . . . Or Just Paying For D*CK??)

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Jenifer Lewis, the 60-year-old actress who plays Dre's mother on the hit show Black-ish - is suing LA Fitness, after she claims that one of their employees SCAMMED her out of $50K.

Jennifer started dating the MUCH younger muscle bound Caucasian man when they met at LA Fitness.

Shortly after they started dating, Jennifer started giving the man money. But it wasn't TRICKING according to Jennifer. The 60-year-old claims that she was "investing" in a film industry project that she was told was "Oscar-worthy."

The 60-year-old told TMZ: "I want to get this predator off the street and back in prison."

Jennifer claims that the man has a history of conning women and that LA Fitness should not have put him in a position to "scam" her.