The mother of the missing 5-year-old girl, Taylor Rose Williams, has reportedly stopped cooperating with police who are investigating the child's disappearance.

According to the police, Taylor was last seen alive when her mother, Brianna Williams, put her to bed in their Jacksonville home on Tuesday night. 

Police say that Brianna told them that when she woke up the next day, little Taylor was gone and the back door was unlocked.

Brianna Williams initially phoned 911 to report Taylor missing, but according to NBC News, she has since stopped cooperating with the Florida authorities.

Williams is not under arrest or even considered as suspect, but when detectives pointed out inconsistencies with her story, she stopped answering questions.

"Here's what we know: We know that Brianna Williams was the last person to see Taylor and we need for her to cooperate with us in this investigation," he said at a Thursday afternoon news conference.

News4Jax has learned from two sources that a cadaver dog alerted on the trunk of the mother's car, which was towed from her Brentwood home on Wednesday afternoon. 

Taylor is still missing. She was last seen wearing a purple shirt and pink pajama pants. 


Police are currently looking into all leads. For example, 11 Alive news claims that a car that was parked in the home's driveway was towed to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, and will be searched for evidence.

According to police, Brianna stopped cooperating after they pointed out inconsistencies in her story.

"Yesterday we were talking to her about some inconsistencies in her statement and that's when she chose to stop cooperating with us," Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams told reporters on Thursday.