Mother And Infant Boy DIE Inside Home Of Baseball Star Carl Crawford!!


Carl Crawford is best known for being Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada's baby's father. But now he's in the news for something a lot darker, and tragic.

Yesterday two people, a mother, and toddler boy died inside his Houston home. According to reports, the two drowned inside the baseball player's pool.

The ex-MLB star, who is also a record label chief, was hosting a small party at his north Houston home. Among the guests, was a woman with a toddler in tow. 

At one point during the party, the toddler wandered off and fell into his swimming pool. The woman reportedly went in after - to save him. Unfortunately, neither the toddler nor the woman could swim, and so they both drowned.

TMZ is reporting that when Carl found them lifeless in the pool, he tried reviving them. But Evelyn's baby father was unsuccessful.

Paramedics arrived and tried life-saving measures themselves, but it was too late - they were both dead.

Footage obtained by news station KHOU shows Crawford talking to cops after the double drowning incident.

It’s unclear what Crawford’s relationship was to the victims, but the woman had been taking care of the boy for the day, TMZ reported.

The governor of Texas has stated that gatherings of 10 or less (which this was) are currently allowed in Houston under the stay-at-home order.