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A mother and her 10 month old baby are believed to have been killed by a bear attack in Canada's remote Yukon territory.

Valerie Theoret, 37, and daughter, Adele Roesholt, were found dead Monday by Valerie's husband, lying outside their remote home.

“It appears they (Theoret and Adele) had been out for a walk when the incident occurred, sometime between 10am and 3pm,” the Yukon coroner’s office said in a news release.

Gjermund Roesholt was returning home from hunting when he discovered the bodies of his wife and young daughter.

The family had been living in the remote cabin for three months, trapping animals at Einarson Lake prior to the deadly bear attack, CBC News reported. According to people interviewed by local media, the couple loved the outdoors and were familiar with the risk posed by bears.

And the risk was VERY high. Gjermund had shot and killed a grizzly bear that charged at him, a few days before another bear murderd his wife and daughter.

Remy Beaupre, a friend of Theoret, said the schoolteacher was on maternity leave.

“It was the plan all along to go there and spend a lot of time there, but Valerie couldn’t really take a lot of time off because she was a teacher,” Mr Beaupre told the news site. “Being on her maternity leave, now was the opportunity for them to all go as a family. So they just took their baby and went out on the trap line.”