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WaDi is one of the most prominent professional SuperSmash Bros in the world - he's made close to a million dollars playing video games. And many believe he is the most prominent Black professional gamer in the world. Three years ago he married his "dream girl," a professional Smashbros commentator named player Cinnpie.

WaDi is goofy, overweight, and a nerd. Cinnpie is very pretty - and by WaDi's own account, is "way out of my league, way out of my universe."  

Well, now she's being accused of cheating on him, with a 14-year-old boy.

Another professional SuperSmash Bros player named Puppeh is claiming that Cinnpie abused him over the course of years.


He published a detailed account of the abuse - and it's harrowing, to say the least. The alleged abuse reaches as far back as 2016, when Puppeh was 14 and Cinnpie was 24. 

Puppeh claims that the beautiful older woman tackled him to the ground and began to force herself on him at a party. He also claimed that the two shared a bed on several occasions and that Cinnpie solicited oral sex - among other things. 

All the while, she promised that she would get together with him when he turned eighteen. For much of the time, Cinnpie was married to fellow gamer WaDi.

Here is Puppeh's full story: LINK TO FULL ACCOUNT

As of the time of publication, Cinnpie did not respond to the allegations.

Here are some pics of Cinnpie: