Someone Just Did A DRIVE-BY 'GANG SHOOTING' . . . Inside Morgan State's STUDENT HOUSING!!! (What's Going On At Black Colleges?)

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Morgan State

MTO News learned that last night, multiple residents of Morgan State University's off-campus student housing reported gunshots in the private student apartment area.

Around 9:30 p.m. police were called and given multiple reports of shots being fired in Morgan View Apartments, Morgan State Univesity's off-campus housing.

Morgan View Apartments are considered a "higher end" apartment for upper-class students and graduate students. Apartments cost between $890 and $1,122 per month. They boast a location "close to the college, privacy, and every amenity a student would need"

Initial reports claimed that one victim was injured. However, there is no confirmation if any students suffered gunshot wounds. Police haven’t found a victim or suspect at this point. Some are reporting that there's evidence of a shooting and signs someone was injured.

But social media chatter is suggesting that the shooting could be "gang" related. One Twitter user claims that the shooting was a "drive-by."

Witnesses told WJZ they heard the gunshots.

“I came here to play 2K, we were out here playing, next thing you know shots got fired, and that’s when the police got called,” one student said.

This only further makes a point for tougher gun laws in the United States. Mass shootings which take place at educational institutions are at all all-time high.