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More Than A DOZEN Fights Popped Off Last Night At Popular Atlanta Club! (Video)

Compound is the most popular nightclub in the city of Atlanta - it is frequented by the top celebrities and the music is lit. But MTO News has learned that last night, more than a dozen fights popped off inside.

And videos of the fights are popping up all over social media.

Here's a link to the fight videos

But it's not just Compound that's getting violent - it's the entire City of Atlanta.

Over the past few months, MTO News has learned that there has been an alarming rise in violent crime in Atlanta.

Atlanta police say murders are up 86% over 28 days last month compared to the same time last year.

There is also a 22% rise in aggravated assaults and a 14% increase in burglaries.

In June, the city of Atlanta saw its most violent month of the year. Data shows from May 31 to June 20, police investigated 75 shootings, including 17 homicides. And the numbers appear to be trending upward.

Here's a link to the fight videos