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More SEXY Pics Of Rapper XXXtentacion's MOTHER . . . Leak ONLINE!!


Rapper Xxxtentacion was killed earlier this week, and people all over the world are offering CONDOLENCES to his mother - a lovely young woman named Cleo.

On Tuesday some of X's haters leaked some GRAPHIC images - purportedly of Xxxtentacion's MOTHER. Miss Cleo. Miss Cleo is a beautiful young woman - who gave birth to her son as a teenager.

The images show Miss Cleo in very revealing clothing - but no nudity. The images are highly suggestive. Some people are wondering WHY anyone would do such a thing.

And X's mother is getting a lot of attention now too. You see, she had X when she was just a teenager - so she's only in her MID 30s now. And she looks great.

Also Miss Cleo has been very active on social media. And she liked to post some pretty risque images of herself. Cleo opened up her Instagram to fans yesterday, and we looked through the images - and posted some below.

She's a beautiful woman. We can only imagine the PAIN she's going through now - after losing a child.

Here she is:

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