NFL Draft Drama: Player's Mom Forced To 'Check' Blonde On Camera!!


Last night, there was more drama from the NFL football draft - this time between offensive lineman Josh Jones' mother, and a blonde "auntie" of Josh's.

As MTO News reported, there were already a few scuffles on the first night of the draft. Isaiah Wilson's mother pushed his blonde girlfriend on camera (see here), and CeeDee Lamb was seen snatching his phone from his girlfriend (see here).

Well last night, Josh Jones' mama had her viral moment.

When her son was picked yesterday, in the third round - the entire family celebrated. The ESPN cameras were focused on Josh, and his mom and dad. But a blonde woman tried to march into the shot, and get in on some of Josh's TV time.

The woman, MTO News is being told, is one of Josh's "aunties."

Well, Josh's mama wasn't having it. She gave the blonde woman the evil stare and shook her finger. And the blonde stepped back . . . and allowed Josh's immediate family their time in the spotlight.