More F*CKERY!! Stephon Clarke's Brother FIRED HIS SECURITY . . . RIPS OFF HIS BADGE!!! (VIDEO)

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Stevante Clark, the older brother of murdered Sacramento man Stephon Clark, has been in the news lately for ALL THE WRONG REASONS. Stevante first gained notoriety when he spoke out about police MURDERING his brother Stephen.

Then Stevante started acting up - and the f*ckery ensued.

Since initially making news - Stevante has been caught on camera inappropriately PLAYING AROUND with money that people donated to his family. Hes also been cagught on camera cursing people out, and acting very strange.

Now Stevante is caught on camera doing more. He fired his paid security - and embarrassed the guard - by ripping off his badge after he fired him.

Stevante was recently admitted to a mental health facility in Sacramento for two days.

Just last week Stevante said, “I want the city to be together,” he told The Sacramento Bee in early April during a barbecue and protest at the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office. “I don’t want anyone to be hurt, especially black people.” Stevante Clark, who goes by the stage name Pharoah Davinci, hopes to expand the StevanteSpeaks shows into a tour, said Kaitlyn Darlene, a personal assistant for Stevante Clark. 

Stevante is probably still grieving because it's only been about a month since his brother Stephon Clark was, "fatally shot by two Sacramento Police Department officers who were called to the Meadowview neighborhood after a nearby resident reported broken car windows and a man fleeing into a neighbor’s backyard, according to reports.

The department said the officers feared Clark was holding a weapon when they shot him in the backyard of his grandparents’ home. Clark was found carrying a cellphone after the shooting and no firearm was found."