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Monique Threatens To QUIT Real Housewives Of Potomac . . . After Reunion Drama!! (Exclusive)


Monique from the Real Housewives of Potomac is threatening to quit the show, MTO News confirmed. And she made the threats to Bravo on social media.

According to the IG live Monique did last night, she’s unsure whether she wants to return to the Real Housewives Of The Potomac full time. This is the summary of what she said:

Monique told fans that she joined the show because she wanted to present a more positive family image, but that her time on the show has been about drama and she hasn’t been able to show the positive as much as she’d hoped. 

In her opinion, her reunion experience was negative because no one felt the need to apologize to her, congratulate her on her pregnancy and business, and all the questions she got from Andy were shady and negative. For these reasons, she’s unsure whether she’ll return because she’s not really seeing the benefit.

Then she discusses specific issues with cast members. Monique claims that Robyn was upset about the meme before she knew it was her brother running the page. Charrisse told Robyn that he ran it in hopes of calming Robyn down & getting her to see that it wasn’t serious, but this just fueled the situation and took a different turn.

She further explains that the reason she was upset with Ashley sharing the story about the drinks was because the accident occurred ~4 hours after she’d left the lunch with Ashley and she said she was very much sober by the time the accident occurred. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have allowed the camera crew to film her getting the car towed and explaining that she’d had drinks earlier. She drove the 40 minute commute back home and had the accident when she was 4 minutes away from her house.