Last week MTO News told you that Mo'Nique and Steve Harvey were preparing to fight on the set of his talk show. Well now, Mo'Nique confirmed the rumors.

The drama popped off during a taping of Steve Harvey's talk show in Los Angeles. During the interview, Mo'Nique and Steve started arguing after Mo'Nique claimed that Steve was not promoting her new Las Vegas comedy show residency properly.

Initially MTO News reported that Mo'Nique threatened to "slap" Steve. Well Mo'Nique wanted to CORRECT our report. She told her fans that she did not threaten to SLAP him - instead she threatened to PUNCH him in the face.

Listen to Mo'Nique talk - it starts at 6:00.

Hear the full story on Mo'Nique's Youtube page

Mo'Nique and Steve Harvey have known each other for years, and have had a testy relationship for most of those years. Some say that Mo'Nique despises Steve.

This blow up on his show with Mo'Nique may be just what Steve Harvey needed. Last month it was reported that Steve's daytime talk show was scheduled to be CANCELLED this fall.

But the Mo'Nique episode - which airs in two weeks - will be so explosive and highly rated, that it may breathe life back into the show..