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Mo'Nique Claims She 'RAN DOWN' On Oprah Winfrey . . . After Oprah 'DESTROYED HER FAMILY' . . . Mo Went And 'CONFRONTED' OPRAH'!!! (Dang This Is TOO JUICY)

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We here at were TEAM OPRAH when we first learned Mo'Nique was talking crazy about the legendary African-American icon. But the more we hear Mo talk, the more we start to think that she may be the one IN THE RIGHT.

Yesterday she went on Periscope and AIRED OUT Oprah again. Here is how the the folks at summarize what went down:

Mo'Nique says Oprah contacted her to let her know that the brother who had molested her (Monique) had contacted her (Oprah) and requested permission to come on her show.

Mo says Oprah told her she wanted her on the show and Mo said she informed Oprah she didn't want to have any parts of it.

MoNique's older brother went on the Oprah Winfrey show to admit that he sexually abused her, in response to Mo'Nique making that accusation on a previous episode of the show.

Mo'Nique says during the phone call with Oprah, she and Oprah shared stories about how their families tried to "rob and take" from them now that they'd found success.

Mo says she told Oprah that she and her mother were not on good terms, and told her things were very bad between her and her family, and claims Oprah never informed her that she would have her family on her show, but later found out when she saw a commercial promoting the upcoming interview.

Mo'Nique says after the show aired, Oprah actually called her to gossip about her family after the interview.

Mo'Nique says Oprah had a crucial part of the dismemberment of her family and goes on to describe the details of what went down went she confronted Oprah to her face.

Here is the full video:

Here is the full video link - warning it is pretty LONG