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Moniece Slaughter has slammed VH1 for exploiting her and her ongoing mental health issues.

In a recent episode of the show, Moniece says that a clip where she spoke about having a breakdown had been heavily edited by producers and denied that the incident occurred in front of her child which she shares with Lil Fizz.

"They promised me that when it came to my son and this very sensitive topic of emotional and mental health, the edit would be accurate & the narrative would be handled with care," she explained via Instagram.

She continued: "I have always held it together in front of my son. He's my sole motivation for pushing through at all costs. I agreed in the end because I felt like I wanted to leave the franchise, hopefully able to inspire or encourage someone who is struggling or suffering. I wanted to leave bearing my soul in hopes that my heart posture would be seen and I'd finally be given some type of understanding. That someone somewhere would feel like they were not alone."

Moniece announced months back that she quit the show because of the way she was handled by producers and their attempts to use editing to portray her in a poor light.