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Moniece Slaughter hopped on social media to slam the producers of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood for using editing to make her look bad.

"@vh1 better start telling the truth or I will I said the only way I'd even entertain dumb & dumber was if my music was at the forefront. My whole ass band was in that scene. We didn't hear a lick of music. In both of those green screens y'all took answers to completely different questions and put them in places where I refused to read what was on the paper. So. I've officially completed season 6. If y'all cut that and manipulate my green screen answers that means the rest of my music has also been cut and I'm bout to look like I give a f*ck and I don't. So I'll just keep telling the truth on my own. F*ck yall," she posted on Instagram.

On the show, Apryl Jones' new relationship with Lil Fizz has been front and center, but somehow Moniece has still managed to come off as the villain of the piece, despite Fizz being close friends with Apryl's baby daddy, Omarion.

Moniece hopped online last week to roast all involved: