Moniece Slaughter has officially quit VH1s top rated show, Love & Hip Hop. She was one of the most prominent characters on the VH1 show franchise - appearing on both the Atlanta and Hollywood shows.

But its officially over for her.

According to multiple sources, Moniece walked off while the cameras were filming a scene this weekend. And Moniece told producers that she's quitting the show.

And when we say she quit - we mean it.

Moniece has informed producers that she will not shoot any more confessionals, and will not appear at the reunion show, which is set to film next month.

The reality star's stance is in direct violation of her contract with the production company - but she doesn't seem to care.

After she told producers of her decision, she informed the fans, via Instagram:


Moniece has a reputation of behaving impulsively. Hopefully when she calms down, she'll change her mind, she's one of our favorite characters on Love & Hip Hop and an overall fan favorite.

Avid Love & Hip Hop viewers are well aware of her recently strained relationship with Apryl Jones, who is reportedly dating Moniece's baby's father, Lil' Fizz. While the two seemed to have hashed out their problems recently, it appears as things won't be portrayed that way on the show.

Bothered by what she saw, Moniece took to Instagram to address the editing and issued a warning to the show's producers in the process.

"I'm sure my face says it all. But I didn't like the edit I saw last night," she wrote. "Since everybody wants me to be mad about the parts of this scenario that don't affect me, I'll entertain it. Clearly the real issues will always get lost in translation. And I've come so far. I've grown tremendously."