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Moniece From Love & Hip Hop ATTACKS Princess . . . Sucker Punched Her!! (Details)

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Yesterday a fist fight broke out, outside of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood set. MTO News learned that Moneice waited until after filming was over, and then sucker punched her rival Princess. After the sucker punch, Moniece ran off into the sunset.

The incident happened yesterday, after Moneice and Princess filmed a scene together. An insider explains to MTO News, "Moneice is a sneaky b*tch and a weak b*tch. Princess wanted to fade her right there on set."

Th insider continued, "But that fake b*tch waited until the filming was over and snuck her like a coward."

MTO News learned that Moniece hid behind a door - and SUCKER PUNCHED Princess then ran off.

Here's a video of Moniece - bragging about running up on her and hitting Princess. 

Moniece claims that she's "with the sh*ts" and showed herself wearing boxing hand wraps:


Luckily Princess was not injured. Here is a pic of her face AFTER the fight.


Earlier this summer Moniece was criticized for trying to attack Princess as she was pregnant. According to VH1, "Moniece’s sentiment is “Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you can’t get popped in the mouth.” In this week’s Check Yourself, homegirl just does not care. In the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood clip, Moniece remains unapologetic for attempting to throw a chair at a pregnant Princess."

All-in-all, Moniece isn’t phased by the criticism she faced for trying to fight someone carrying a baby. “Let the record show that the chair did not leave my hands. So, I didn’t hit a pregnant person. I almost hit a pregnant person and almost doesn’t count,” Moniece said, satisfied with how it all went down.