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It's no secret that Monica Arnold and Brandy Norwood were rivals in the 90s and didn't always get along. What we didn't know was that Monica punched Brandy in the face - when the two met up at the 1998s MTV Video Music Awards, according to record music executive Dallas Austin.

Dallas made the explosive claim yesterday, in an interview on Vlad TV.

According to the Atlanta executive, he witnessed Monica punch Brandy dead in her face - before they performed. Dallas claims that the two never got along because Brandy was proper and Monica was ghetto.

Dallas told the interviewer, "Monica never liked Brandy, and Brandy never liked Monica. Monica is real ghetto when you get down to it [and Brandy was] too proper."

Dallas continued, "At the [VMAs] before they could get  to the stage [to perform their song The Boy is Mine] Monica decked her in the face. Popped her in the face."


Here's a transcript:

Vlad: There was some sort of lightweight beef between the two of them. 

Dallas: Laughs Heavyweight beef. They got in a fight. They went to do the AMAs or the MTV… one of ‘em. Monica never liked Brandy and Monica was very ghetto when it came down to it. She was like, ‘She’s too proper and she’s too this.’ And I think Brandy might have looked at her a certain way a couple of times and looked at her like the little—makes a dismissive hand wave. 

So from that point, even to have them do “The Boy is Mine,” Monica was like, ‘Nope. I’m not doing no song with her.’ I was like, ‘C’mon. You got it. It just makes the most sense. Clive [Davis] wants it. Let’s just do it.’ So we did the song. I did Monica’s stuff out here and they did Brandy’s out there. And the first time they actually saw each other to do it, I think it was the American Music Awards or something and before they could even get to the stage, Monica decked her in the face, popped her in the face backstage. Slams his fist into his palm.

And I went ‘Oh my God!’ So everybody was like ‘How are we going to have a performance that looks they’re not at war with each other?’ But it worked out because the song is they’re supposed to be at war with each other so nobody could tell that she punched her in the face before the performance.

And Monica was at the epitome of finding her real self. She had went through a lot of stuff. And her real self, if you didn’t have gold teeth, she didn’t like you. So she was really hood in Atlanta and she wasn’t wit it. I still don’t think she’s all the way wit it. 

She said ‘I knew she was going to say something flip. Before she even do it…’”

Monica & Brandy were both teenage R&B superstars in the 1990s. Both went on to have successful careers as adults.