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Monica Lewinsky wants Hillary Clinton to apologize to her directly for the Clinton scandal.

 Lewinksy is back in the limelight ahead of A&E's new show. The Clinton Affair, a six-part series which will discuss the former president's impeachment process.

Clinton was acquitted for by the Senate after he admitted he’d indeed cheated on First Lady Hillary Clinton with the 22-year-old White House intern. Lewinsky quickly became a pariah and was publicly humiliated for her experience with the then president.

"Some closest to me asked why would I want to revisit the most painful and traumatic parts of my life—again. Publicly. On-camera. With no control of how it will be used. A bit of a head-scratcher, as my brother is fond of saying," she wrote for Vanity Fair.

"Filming the documentary forced me to acknowledge to myself past behavior that I still regret and feel ashamed of. There were many, many moments when I questioned not just the decision to participate, but my sanity itself. Despite all of the ways I tried to protect my mental health, it was still challenging. During one therapy session, I told my therapist I was feeling especially depressed. She suggested that sometimes what we experience as depression is actually grief," she explained.

Speaking on Hillary, she said:

"He contended that he had apologized publicly in 1998. I did as well. My first public words after the scandal—uttered in an interview with Barbara Walters on March 3, 1999—were an apology directly to Chelsea and Mrs. Clinton. And if I were to see Hillary Clinton in person today, I know that I would summon up whatever force I needed to again acknowledge to her—sincerely—how very sorry I am. I know I would do this, because I have done it in other difficult situations related to 1998. I have also written letters apologizing to others—including some who also wronged me gravely. I believe that when we are trapped by our inability to evolve, by our inability to empathize humbly and painfully with others, then we remain victims ourselves."

We're not sure whether Hillary wants a face to face meeting with the woman who told the world that she topped off her husband...