Monica Arnold recently finalized her divorce from former NBA player Shannon Brown. Now she's dating Atlanta gangster rapper Trouble. 

At first it was just rumors that the two were involved, but MTO News has officially confirmed that they are in fact a couple. 

Trouble is an interesting choice for Monica. He is known as much for his shenanigans as he is for his music. He used to date reality star Alexis Skyy - and recently hosted the very raunchy Cucumber Challenge pool party, which became an internet sensation.

But Mo seems to be smitten by the rapper. She accompanied her new bae to the club the other night. And the 1990/2000s R&B songstress wore a surprisingly "mature" outfit to the club.

Here's video:

Now over the years Monica's style of dress had always been regarded as both sexy and classy, but her choice of outfit for this particular event had fans scratching their heads.

Monica wore a wide brimmed black hat and a beige pant suit to the club which would have been great for church on First Sunday, but not so much for a hood party in East Atlanta . . . 

Here are some comments from the post:

she look so out of place lmfaooooooo!!!!

39 years old wit a legendary career and she's dating the cucumber master. just wow

a choice in men is what brought her career down no cap, she couldnt stay away from hood ****** so it dropped her status down.