Monica Brown and Tamar Braxton fired shots at each other on Instagram. And it appears that Monica is prepared to make their feud public.

It all started when Snoop's wife Shante re-posted a pic of Monica and her son, and Monica re-posted the re-post.

But Monica also included a shady comment that Tamar made under Shante's post - in her re-post. Tamar wrote that Monica "don't like me." And Monica made sure to include Tamar's shady comment in her re-post.

According to reports, Tamar and Monica are feuding - because Tamar is friends with one of Monica's husband's alleged SIDE CHICKS. And Monica, who was friends with Tamar for years, doesn't appreciate it.

Monica and her husband Shannon Brown are reportedly separated, according to the website


Back in 2017 Monica and Tamar had a falling out. Tamar explained at the time on Wendy Williams saying that: 

“I’m gonna go back to the day when everybody got in their feelings and wrote books about me unfollowing them,” said Tamar subtly shading Toya Wright.
“I unfollowed Monica, I unfollowed Tiny, I unfollowed Kandi…I unfollowed everybody that day that posted THAT show [“The Real”] I was rightfully in my feelings, it was nothing personal. 

“She [Monica] wasn’t even on “The Real” that day, I unfollowed everybody because I didn’t wanna see it,” she added. “I had every intent of following everybody back. I unfollowed at least 30 people that day, when I went to follow her back she had blocked me.”