Moneybagg released a music video for "All Dat" featuring Megan Thee Stallion this week, and the rapper says of the experience that Meg is "like his best friend."  

The Memphis chopped it up with Zane Lowe via Facetime on Apple Music's Beats 1, where he gushed about her.

"This is what they've been waiting for, right? It's going to be super crazy. And we got the video with it," said Moneybagg. "We spend time together when she's open, and I'm open. Of course, we're both busy, but we make sure we get that time in."

Yo and Tina Snow are rumored to be dating - for a few months now, and apart from some teasing via social media and some flirty messages - they are to confirm that they're an item officially.

"It was just one of them days. We were in LA. We went to the studio - I think it was Record Planet - went in there and the chemistry was already there. She's like my best friend at the same time. I love her grind. I love her work ethic. I love how she keeps pushing."

Watch the video to "All Dat" below.