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Rapper Moneybagg Yo is dating female rap sensation Megan Thee Stallion and yesterday he left what many are calling a "ghetto love note" to his bae - for everyone to see on social media.

Moneybagg told Megan that he was going to "stuff her" with "it" when he saw her.



Many of Megan's fans are upset with the crass way he spoke to Megan, especially publicly. Here are some comments taken from social media:

I’m starting to think maybe this “relationship” is a pr one. 

whew chile the GHETTO

I wonder how much time he spends with his 8 kids. It must be hard to give them all equal time

Hopefully Megan stuffs a pack of Magnum condoms in her purse AS WELL as a plan b if she’s not on birth control already. 

Moneybagg Yo revealed during an interview with radio personalities DJ SuperStar Jay and Gray Rizzy that he's fathered seven children who were born by four different women. He mentioned in one of his songs that four of his children are boys.