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The Love And Hip Hop Hollywood reunion show was filmed this week - and we spoke to multiple attendees who all agree that the reunion was "explosive."

And it was so explosive that Moniece, one of the show's original cast members, quit the show during the taping.

The drama all started when Apryl took a shot at Moniece's motherhood- and called Moniece a "bad mom." Moniece exploded during filming - and questioned why Apryl would go there. Especially since Apryl is having problems with Omarion and co-parenting between has been as contentious as it’s been between Fizz and Moniece.

But it wasn't just Apryl going in on Moniece - Fizz also had some not so nice things to say about his baby's mama. Apryl and Fizz both claimed Moniece doesn’t go to enough of her son’s events - and neglects the boy.

This angered Moniece so much, that she had to walk off the set just to keep herself calm.

Eventually another cast member, Booby, came to Moniece's defense. He called out Fizz for being unfair to Moniece. Fizz didn’t like this and accused Booby of sleeping with Moniece. Of course Moniece denied ever sleeping with Booby, claiming that she’s friends with Booby's girlfriend.

But all the attacks on Moneice were apparently too much for her - and she QUIT THE SHOW - right in the middle of all the drama. She told the audience that she’s thankful for the journey, but that she’s also happy the chapter has ended.

She then dropped the mic and walked off the set, for good.

The reunion will aired on VH1 in three parts.