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Moneice Slaughter, star of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood decided to show off her natural beauty last night - and that she did.

The beautiful reality star leaked an un-photoshopped nude picture of herself—and she looked simply amazing.

Often, when celebrity women "leak" or release photos, the images are usually so edited that in some cases the pictures seen by the public barely resemble the star. The photo Moneice chose to release yesterday though was different. She chose not to use photo editing tools and decided instead to show her true self.  

In the picture, she also made the daring choice to show her imperfections and was these "imperfections" that made her even more beautiful in the image. For example, Moneice appeared to have some hair on her legs. And if you look carefully, you'll see that she also has stretch marks on her hips, a "flaw" that many black women have (and perhaps also darker skinned women belonging to other racial groups as well) but never seen in celebrity pictures.

Of course, a photo editor could have easily photoshopped away these perceived blemishes. But Moneice wanted a "real" pic of herself.

She wrote:

Don’t edit my flaws. Don’t smooth out my folds. Don’t even my skin tone. Don’t smooth out the incision scar underneath my breast. Don’t smooth my face out either. Don’t enhance my eye color or the colors of my lips and eyeshadow. I don’t wanna look like a Barbie. I don’t like looking shiny or perfect. I just wanna FEEL like myself when I LOOK at the picture 

And here's the image: