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Moneice From LOVE AND HIP HOP Posts A TRUMP Inspired Photo . . . Has Her GF . . . GRAB HER BY THE P*SSY’!!!


Moniece from Love And Hip Hop posted a very “artistic” pic of her and her girlfriend.
They titled it – GRAB HER BY THE P*SSY’

Moniece is currently on vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. with her gf and decided to share her assets with the world.

“It’s my 31st birthday. Just gonna sit this right here. 😂😂😂😂 swipe left 👈🏾 for inspiration. There’s really not much to say bro 😩🤣🤣 @diggthekicks you definitely did good with this idea 😚#nodisrespecttotheOGs #bdaybaecay #whenbaesaysshewantstotraveltheworld #weexploredalright #explorethispoontangguh #itsmyburfday #monieceslaughter #diggthekicks 📸 @marlatalks”

As you can probably guess, the reactions for her artsy birthday pic were mixed:

“What in the dumb ass sh*t is this I can’t 🤦🏾‍♀️”

“She’s got you by the 🐱😩”

“Lmaooooo I canttt !!! In the words of Donald Trump “grab her right by the p*ssy” lmao”

“She back there hurting 💀 but nice pic”

“Aka “doing the most”. What people will do for attention, smh 🤦🏻‍♂️”

“N*gga looking like something stank”

“Y’all tried so hard. Lol but I love it! Happy Birthday @moniece_slaughter”

Despite a turbulent last season, Moniece and her girlfriend A.D. are still going strong. Her fans were also a little shocked to know that Moniece’s mother was the photographer! Marla and her daughter’s rocky relationship has been well documented on the series.

Well, it looks like A.D. is officially a part of the Slaughter family.

Donald Trump would be proud!

Have a look the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star’s nekkid birthday pics below! What do you think? Does Moniece look great or is she doing way too much?

Here is the link to the UNCENSORED IMAGE