Mom SNITCHES On Teen Son . . . Sees Video ON THE NEWS . . . Of Carjacking!! (Right Or Wrong?)

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A teenage boy in Georgia was arrested and charged with participating in a carjacking that resulted in the death of a 24-year-old father. And his own mother turned him in to authorities.

East Point Detective Ebony Johnson told the media that a 15-year-old boy surrendered just 24 hours after local news played a surveillance video of three suspects accused of the carjacking.

According to police, three men approached the victim's car with guns. Terrick Matthews, 24, was in the passenger seat when the suspects approached the car. 

Police say that Terrick tried to comply with the suspects, but one of the men shot him in the neck anyway. He later died from his injuries. 

The other man inside the car with Terrick survived. 

“It wasn’t necessary for them to take his life,” said Detective Johnson. “They were in compliance. They were getting out of the vehicle at that point.”

Police say that thee suspects then drove to a nearby gas station where they filled a soda bottle with gasoline. Afterwards, they drove to a parking lot and torched the car. The three suspects were caught on the Exxon's surveillance cameras. All three suspects will face murder charges, police said.

Police have a warrant for a 2nd suspect, Ronald White. They are still searching for White and a third suspect they haven't identified yet.

The three suspects, who will each face murder charges, were caught on Exxon’s surveillance cameras.

Police are now urging the public’s help in finding the remaining two suspects.

“Think about it as being one of your family members that lost their life,” Johnson said. “You would want them to be brought to justice.”