Mom Posts Pics Of DECEASED BABY On Social Media . . . People BLAST HER FOR IT!! (Shock Pics)

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Another VIRAL NEWS STORY is breaking this morning. A woman is coming under fire, for posting pics of her deceased baby on social media.

The woman, a young mother named Yasmin DOESN'T DESERVE the harsh criticism that she's receiving. She merely told her story on social media - and is now being BLASTED over it.

Yasmin seemed to have the perfect pregnancy - she made all her doctor's appointments, and was not aware of any problems. But on the day that her young angel Jeremiah was born - the UNTHINKABLE happened.

Jeremiah was born with gastroschisis - a birth defect of the abdominal (belly) wall. Jereimiah's intestines were outside of this body, exiting through a hole beside his belly button. The doctor's were unaware of the disorder until his birth - and then it was too late. Jeremih was called home on the day of his birth.

Here's how Yasmin explained what it felt like:


She decided, as a part of her healing - to post about her heartache on social media.

Here are some of the pics the mom posted online:

From her pregnancy:

And then from the baby's death:

When people BLASTED her for sharing GRAPHIC pics of he babys death, she responded: