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Mom Kicks Teen Daughter Out 'For Being A Thot' . . . Police Called!! (Video)


A mother has gone viral - after she kicked her 18 year old daughter out of the house. The mom claims that she put out the teenage girl "because she's a thot." The incident happened in Jacksonville, Florida

The teen girl called police, and asked officers to help her inside to retrieve her belongings. But the mom REFUSED to allow the girl inside to get her stuff.

At one point, the mom even suggested that the officer and the teen girl - were having some sort of a relationship.

The whole situation popped off when the 18 year old girl stayed out late with her boyfriend. The mom was upset - called the teenager a "thot", and threw her out of her home.

The entire incident was caught on camera, and it was dramatic.

Here is the video - warning contains GRAPHIC language: