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Mom Films Toddlers Smoking Weed . . . One Year Old Boy . . . HIT THE BLUNT HARD!!!


A disturbing video is making the rounds on social media. The video shows a woman allowing toddler children to smoke WEED on Live. The video shows three children - a 1 year old, a 2 year old, and a 3 year old all smoking a blunt.

And the one year old seemed to have hit the blunt VERY hard. Lil man pulled the weed smoke into his tiny lungs, and blew the smoke out o this nose like a professional.

Some are speculating that it wasn't the FIRST time that the toddler boy hit the blunt.

The other two kids both smoked on the blunt, but neither seemed as comfortable smoking the broccoli than the youngest child.

MTO News has notified local authorities about the existence of the video online. 

Here is the video: