Mom Charged With SHOOTING HER TEENAGE SON . . . After The Two FOUGHT . . . Over Him Playing VIDEO GAMES !! (Sad Story)


A 48-year-old mom from Maryland was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Police say that she shot and killed her 17-year-old son.

What could have happened to make Angelique Chase shoot her own flesh and blood, son Christopher Perry? According to early reports, Angelique was trying to get her son to stop playing video games - and it got tragic.

Police say that Angelique and her son got into an argument, after she asked him to stop playing video games. Then the argument turned into tragedy.

Here is what the Washington Post is reporting:

Just before 9 pm Thursday, the Prince George’s 911 center received a call from Chase, saying her son had just been shot, according to police arrest records. Arriving officers found her son on the living room floor. He was taken by medevac to a hospital and pronounced dead at 11:01 pm.

Detectives said they spoke with the relative who had been in the home, whom they did not name, and to Chase.

The relative said he had separated Chase and her son on the first floor, at which point she told the relative to go to the basement.

“While in the basement, the family member stated that the defendant [Chase] went downstairs to the basement into a room and went back upstairs,” detectives wrote in court papers. “Moments later, he heard what he described as a ‘loud bang.’ ”