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Galveston County police claim that a mom and her boyfriend allegedly beat her 2 year old daughter to death, then drove around with the toddler's dead body in her car. 

TiAundra Christon and her boyfriend, Kenny D’Shawn Hewett are being charged with the death of 2-year-old Hazana Anderson. 

Police say that  TiAundra  and Kenny were staying at a hotel in Houston from October 17th to the 20th. TiAundra allegedly told investigators that, on the night of the 19th, Kenny took Hazana with him to go get food. According to police, TiAundra told them when they got back, Hazana was crying, and Kenny started hitting her with a belt.

TiAundra said that she was told by Kenny to discipline Hazana, so she beat her with the belt “a couple of times” before Kenny started to hit Hazana again - according to authorities.

Eventually, Hazana became unconscious, and the couple took the girl to the bathtub to attempt to revive her, but were unable to. 

Police claim that the couple also tried warming Hazana’s body with a hair dryer, which only burned her skin.
Investigators say Christon kept Hazana’s body in the back of her car for three days, before putting it in a garbage bag, tying it to a large rock, and disposing of it in a lake in Texas City. - where the body was later found.