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California police have taken a mom named "Michelle" in for a psychiatric evaluation, they believe that she murdered her 2 year old child. Covina Police Department Sgt. Dan Rodriguez told the media that the woman is expected to face murder charges.

Police believe that Michelle murdered her son "Elvis" who was 2 years old.

The investigation started when officers spotted Michelle wandering in her neighborhood, appearing disoriented.

"Officers observed that she had what appeared to be blood spatter on parts of her body, but that she had no injuries," according to the police statement.

"She made statements that led officers to believe there might be a potential victim whose whereabouts were not yet known at the time because of her refusal to provide any information," the statement added.

Police took Michelle to a psychiatric hospital and eventually figured out where she lived.

When the went to Michelle's home, officers say they discovered the body of the young boy.

Investigators declined to comment on what type of trauma the victim may have suffered.