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A beautiful Instagram model from New York is currently in intensive care - after her butt implant EXPLODED. The lovely Desiree Davis (who goes by the name Smiley Asian) was rushed to the hospital, after suffering acute symptoms when her illegal butt implant exploded.

Desiree told her fans:

Things are really going bad for me right now I went and got butt injections back in 2010 Through 2012 and now it’s effecting my health.

The people that did my injections are now in jail serving a life sentence because somebody died from these illegal shots not to long ago so I can’t reach out to them to fix this Problem.

I have silicone all up my back from these illegal shots and I know I’m not the only girl that has them.

I encourage you ladies all to love your body for what it is because no matter how God made you he made each of us special I’ve made a lot of bad choices in my lifetime but I never understood that one mistake can mess up your whole life expensive surgeries can go wrong and so can inexpensive ones some days I can’t walk I can’t play with my kids and somedays I can’t move I regret these shots everyday

.I wake up everyday in pain and I been praying everyday that God take my pain away I know what I did i did it to myself but everybody makes mistakes.


Desiree is asking her fans to pray for her. She is facing a surgery, where doctors plan to remove some silicone that broke off her butt and traveled up her back.

Here's what she looked like, before the implant exploded in her butt.