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Model BERNICE BURGOS Reveals New Body . . . After Allegedly Getting RIB REMOVED!!


Bernice Burgos always looked amazing, but her body looks even more EXTREME now. According to online reports, Bernice - who is a grandmother - recently underwent rib removal surgery. And this weekend, she revealed the results of the surgery.

Bernice is believed to have undergone the controversial surgery in the Dominican Republic. While rib removal surgery is ILLEGAL in the United States, it is common in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Bernice revealed her new body - in new bikini pics and video. And she looked AMAZING. Her body was always GREAT, but now it looks even more PERFECT than before. 

The urban model, 38, is known for posting workout videos on social media showing her toning her (admittedly) fake copious curves.


Here is a VIDEO of her new body

“Taking out fat and shaping your f**** body isn’t fake,” said Berniece. “To keep the job I got done you need to work out,” Bernice said, as to why she continues to work out despite having an immense amount of plastic surgery.

According to Bossip, "Bernice previously told “The Breakfast Club” that she got illegal butt enhancements in a basement."

The model continued..."“To be honest—it was in a basement. But she had it set up real nice, it was a house though. It was so many years ago—I did my butt first. It was in the Bronx, it was the first thing I did right after I had my second daughter. So she hooked it up real cute.”

Hey, at least she's honest.