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MMA Fighter May LOSE TESTICLES After Brutal Groin Kick!! (Graphic)

An MMA fighter may end up losing both of his testicles, after a gruesome groin kick, MTO News has learned. The incident occurred last night when a fight between Peter Stanonik and Raymond Daniels at Bellator 245 ended in horror. Daniels kicked Stanonik in the nuts with devastating blows to the groin.

The horror show began in the second round when Daniels went for a roundhouse kick that squarely hit Stanonik square in the balls. Stanonik immediately went down and stayed down, taking the entire five-minutes timeout to recover.

Stanonik eventually got back on his feet and resumed fighting, but it took only seconds for Daniels to do pretty much the exact same thing. Another roundhouse kick, right in the nuts.

As it turns out, this was the second no-contest due to an illegal shot below the belt on the evening. On the undercard, veteran Jack May took a knee to the groin in the first round of his fight with Tyrell Fortune, and couldn’t continue after a five-minute timeout.

Stalonik was rushed to the hospital after the fight, and online reports say that his testes were injured, and the fighter may end up losing them.