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MMA Champion Is MURDERED At Nightclub . . . Beat To Death By Bouncers!! (Graphic Video)


A top MMA fighter was murdered last week, by nightclub bouncers. The incident was caught on tape by surveillance cameras. It all popped off  shortly after midnight on August 9, 2018 in the Yunusabad district of Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

At the entrance to the nightclub “Aurum 898”, Jamshid Kenzhayev - the top MMA fighter in the country of Uzbekistan tried to enter the club with a kitchen knife. One of the bouncers spotted the knife on Jamshid and told him that he could not enter the club. That's when things went left.

Jamshid tried to push past the security, and a physical confrontation between him and bouncers erupted. During the course of the fight, the bouncers clubbed Jamshid Kenzhayev with bats and chairs, inflicting wounds from which he died in the hospital.

Three bouncers were detained in relation to the killing of the champ. Two more participants in the incident are in the hospital. So far no arrest have been made.

Here is the graphic video

According to reports: 

He was stopped by door staff who allegedly found a knife on him as he tried to get into the Aurum 898 nightclub in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 

The mixed martial arts athlete, wearing white, can be seen reeling from an apparent blow to the abdomen - then returns seconds later and charges towards the door in a rage. 

That brings a team of 12 burly bouncers into the fray. They surround him on the floor, raining down punches and kicks. 

One doorman emerges from the club waving a bar stool over his head, and waits until the way is clear before bringing it down on his victim.