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Mister Cee, who has had his fair share of transgender rumors and scandals recorded a video earlier this week, advising Young Buck on how to handle to controversy - and of course, 50 Cent added his two cents.

"Young Buck, I been through the same situation you been through. Whether your situation is true or false, I've been through kind of the same situation you been through. Got arrested back in 2011 for some illegal activity or being involved with a man. Got arrested again in 2013 for the same activity," he says in the video.

"You didn't get arrested or whatever the case is. Your situation is different, but it's still involving a transexual woman. But what I want to tell you, Young Buck, is whether your situation is true or not, that's not what I'm here for. I'm here to kind of give you a little bit of guidance to what I think you need to do."

He then tells Buck to face the controversy head on and not to hide from it all.

50 then responded by reposting a clip of the video along with the caption: 

"yo the funny sh*t is @djmistercee help me, after I got hit he booked the first show we did at club speed. 🤐I got nothing bad to say. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac"

Young Buck is yet to publicly respond to the video.