A popular Mississippi rapper was shot and killed yesterday, while he was in the middle of a freestyle on Instagram Live. The shooting happened in Vicksburg Mississippi, and authorities suspect that the shooting was actually a "suicide."

Here is the video of the rapper getting SHOT

The rapper's name is Ayyo Dev, and he was talking to his fans on Live when he was either ambushed by the opps, or killed himself - depending on who you believe. The rapper was shot once, and according to social media - he died on the scene.

His friends posted "lay in peace" on Ayoo's instagram, suggesting that he didn't survive the shooting, and asked for fans to pray for Ayoo Dev's family.

The dramatic shooting was captured on Instagram, and was seen by millions of hip hop fans. And many on social media are labeling the shooting a "suicide."

But the video does not clearly depict a suicide, and many are saying that it actually shows Ayoo Dev being murdered.

We reached out to the police in Vicksburg Mississippi - and so far we haven't been given a response.

Here's some music from Ayoo Dev:

Here is the video of the rapper getting SHOT