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The conditions inside Mississippi's prisons continue to deteriorate. Yesterday an inmate was stabbed multiple times, and his fellow prisoners Livestreamed the stabbing on IG.

Here is the graphic video - warning contains violence

This incident, which happened over the weekend, is the latest incident of violence in Mississippi prisons - which are insufficiently staffed with corrections officers.

Many on social media are calling Mississippi prisons the "Wild Wild West" - where inmates commit lawless acts, completely unsupervised.

Jay Z has recently sued the state of Mississippi in federal court - for the horrible treatment in their prisons.

The billionaire rapper instructed his lawyers to take legal action against US prison officials on behalf of 29 inmates whose lives he says are at risk.

The action claims the men's lives "are in peril" due to "understaffing and neglect" in Mississippi's prisons.

Jay-Z launched the action through Team Roc, the philanthropic division of his entertainment empire Roc Nation. The lawsuit alleges chronic underfunding and understaffing has resulted in "prisons where violence reigns" and an "unthinkable" spate of deaths.

Here is the graphic video - warning contains violence