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Missing 16 Yr Old Armoni Chambers Appears To Be In GRAPHIC Video. . . Drugged With 2 MEN!!


Late last month, a 16 year old Milwaukee girl named Armoni Chambers went missing. She's been gone now for over a month, and her family went on the news last week - to say that they're worried that Armoni may have gone into s*x trafficking.

Well the family's worst fear may have come true. A new video is circulating online that allegedly shows 16 year old Armoni. And if the video is indeed of her, she's in REAL BAD SHAPE.

In the video, a woman who bears a STRIKING resemblance to Armoni appears to be drugged or somehow inebriated. In the video, the inebriated woman is asked to "bite" one of the men's clothing - as they say VULGAR things at her.

At least one online publication is claiming that the girl in the below video is Armoni. The video was taken in Chicago, and the two men in the video that are doing very GRAPHIC things with her are both described as "street dudes."

We hope and pray that someone helps Armoni

"I go to bed at night, and I'm just hoping she's alive," Bonnie Bruno, Armoni's mom said.

"There was a lady that answered the phone and basically told me she was with an adult male and was prostituting," Bruno said. Armoni is 5'7", 160 pounds, with a light complexion and medium build. Police say she has light brown hair and is wearing unknown clothing.

Anyone with information regarding Armoni or her whereabouts is urged to contact the Milwaukee Police Department Sensitive Crimes Division at 414-935-7405.