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Miss Jones: Beyonce's Mom Wanted To Fight Me!!

Miss Jones is claiming that Tina Lawson, the mom of Beyonce Knowles, once wanted to fight her.

"One day, Beyoncé was coming up to the station but Ebro and them didn't tell me because they knew that I would either try and like...I was unpredictable," she said.

N.O.R.E. then told miss Jones that she once said Mary J. Blige couldn't sing.

"A lot of times she can't," said Jones. "I love her on Power, but it doesn't—nowadays you don't have to be able to sing. And that's what I learned. It's not about singing, it's about emotion."


Miss Jones also previously confessed to a threesome between her, Monie Love and Tupac.

"I'm gonna tell you about the party," Jones told N.O.R.E. "So Pac came and we're walking and it's like the music stops. Everyone else hears the music, but I'm with Monie and he stops and he looks at us and like we know what the look means and we figure it out and it was a good night and that was it."