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Yesterday's Miss Africa 2018 pageant ended in near tragedy, as Miss Congo's wig caught on fire during the pageant.

The 2018 Miss Africa pageant was held yesterday in Calabar Nigeria. The pageant went off without a hitch initially, with 24-year-old Dorcas Kasinde (Miss Congo) beating other contestants to win the crown. Miss Nigeria came second while Miss Zambia came third.

But then mayhem struck the pageant - as the beauty queen's hair burst into flames. Miss Congo was excited after being crowned Miss Africa 2018, and was celebrating her victory, As she was hugging another contestant, her wig caught fire.

The fireworks used to celebrate her victory ignited Miss Congo's wig, and it burst into flames.

The show host, Ebuka came to her rescue and put out the fire on her head before more damage could be done.

According to local reports, Miss Congo's hair underneath the wig was burned completely off, and her scalp was injured.

Here is the video of the incident: