'Miracle' Man-Weave Makes Elderly Black Man Appear 30 Yrs Younger!! (Wow)


A South Florida barber shop has come up with a new "miracle" weave that can make a man look up to 30 years younger.

Sounds crazy, well you really have to see it to believe it. Watch the video of the transformation, it's nothing short of incredible. The video is above.

How did they do it? Sorcery, of course.


No really, the shop claims to have some special techniques to shave years off of a man. And the key to the transformation is a good man-weave.

The popularity of man-weaves is growing exponentially in the United States. At first, it was a joke. Now more and more men are going to barbers and salons and requesting a man-weave.

If the trend continues, men may end up just as likely to wear a weave as women do.

The shop that did the above transformation is Metricuts, from Leesburg Florida.