A bench warrant was issued on Thursday for disgraced singer R. Kelly in Minnesota for failure to appear over a sex crime he allegedly committed in the state.

Hennepin County Attorney Judith Cole said no attorney had approached her office or filed a certificate of representation for Kelly and a bench warrant means that Kelly will have to show up to court on the next date or suffer the consequences.

Kelly is facing two counts of engaging in prostitution with a person under 18 in Minnesota, officials said.

Despite the bench warrant order, his lawyer Steve Greenberg said that Kelly was not slated to appear:

"I was not served with any notice of court proceedings, nor was he. I did not resist his appearance, nor did he."

Greenberg added, "He is in custody. It is the prosecutor who must obtain a court order for #RKelly to appear, and it is the prosecutor who must go get him if, as here, he is in custody elsewhere. They do not just give him a travel pass from federal custody."

The victim claims that Kelly paid her $200 to dance for him in his hotel room before he removed her clothes and touched her sexually. She was 17 at the time.